Svetlana Loboda - Be my Valentine (Anti-crisis Girl)

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (Ukraine) lyrics

Performer: Svetlana Loboda
Song lirics title: Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)

Svetlana Loboda

You are so sexy BOM
Gonna make me crazy BOM
We’re gonna do the BOM BOM
Ain’t that amazing BUM

I’m very busy BOM
It’s not so easy BOM
I’m gonna tease you BOM BOM
Without a reason BUM

I'll call you on the phone
You speak in monotone
Don't want to be alone
Because I'm crazy, BOM.

Baby you’re so fine
Be my
Be my Valentine

Of my pride and prejudice
I will just reminisce
These are the things you can’t miss
Come on give me a kiss

There’s nothing dangerous
I know what’s waiting on us
We’ll keep each other restless
Oh boy you look impressed

The charm that I possess
Will put you to the test
To satisfy my interest
Come over be my guest

I’ll show you to my nest
You’re under arrest
The others may be jealous
Cause you’re the one who’s blessed

Baby you’re so fine
Be my
Be my Valentine

Baby, I can save your world!
I'm your anti-crisis girl!

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