AySel and Arash - Always lyrics

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (Azerbaijan) lyrics

Performer: AySel & Arash
Song lirics title: Always

AySel and Arash - Always

Always on my mind
Always in my heart

I`ve been waiting for you night after night
Like a shadow staying close to the light

Suddenly you stand beside me and I see
A million burning stars

You are
Always on my mind
Always in my heart
And I can hear you call my name
On a mountain`s high
Always on my mind
Always in my dreams
I wanna hold you close to me
Always all the time

I believe I`m addicted to you
In your eyes I see dreams coming true
Finally I have found you and now
I will never let you go

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Himesha said...

Arash is a different singer..He is a master piece..Iranian singer invading hollywood..That is enough to say he is special..