Bruno Mars Grenade lyrics

Bruno Mars Grenade song lirics

Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live
Oh, take, take, take it all but you never give
Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss
Had your eyes wide open, why were they open?

Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked
'Cause what you don't understand is

I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya

Bruno Mars - Circles lyrics

Bruno Mars - Circles song lirics

Got me going in circles c-circles
My heart is dizzy from you
Got me going in circles c-circles
Tell me what I’m supposed to do
You got me up at night
Feeling like
You won’t come thru
Got me going in circles c-circles
My heart is dizzy from you
Round and r-r-r-round we go
Round and r-r-r-round
I’m goin’ in circles c-circles
Please girl!

I give you everything, but, it’s not enough
You started being easy but lately
you’ve made it rough (for us)
You say you need me but then turn me away

Bruno Mars - California Girls lyrics

Bruno Mars - California Girls (gurls) song lirics

I know a place
Where the grass is really greener
Warm, wet and wild
There must be somethin' in the water
Sippin' gin and juice
Layin' underneath the palm trees
The boys
Break their necks
Try'na creep a little sneak peek
At us

Bruno Mars Bulletproof lirics

Bruno Mars Bulletproof song lirics

Ooh ooh oh oh ooh
Oh oh

You've been hurt before
Girl I know you
Your heart's been through the storm
and more
I can tell you barely survived

But girl my love won't be the same
I'm not trying to run no game
Just want your tears to dry

Bruno mars All About You Lirics

Bruno mars All About You song Lirics

I know girl , when you look at me
You don't know how I feel
Cause I'm usually so nonchalant
My feelings I conceal
But I want you to know
Oh, I want you to know

I must admit I've felt this way
for more than quite a while
But I can't hold it no longer
when I see that pretty smile