10cc 18 Carat Man Of Means lyrics

18 Carat Man Of Means 10cc lyrics

I need some money to open doors
I won't bend over or lick your paws
You got me red, I'll get me black
My tar town checks come bouncin' back

He wears my suit to make a good impression
He didn't come here for no mad concession

Don't rip me off
'Cause I'm a
Blue chip Long hair

Gilted Weirdo
Carte blanche, bona fide
18 carat man of means

My joint account goes up in smoke
Your drinkin' scotch, I'm drinkin' coke
Man, he's gonna be a star
Stick with him babe and you'll go far
I've said so baby, what you want of me
I'm already signed up to NSB

They're alright
Yeh, yeh, yeh

You laughed at me when I was down
You thought our Harry would devalue the pound
Worn out with you, yeh and I saw red
You're holding my hand, but you shake my head

You're alright
Yeh, yeh, yeh

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