Chris Cornell - Scream lyrics

Chris Cornell - Scream lirics

I'll take a minute
To tell you right
And you can say
What you want
You turn around
Every night
Somehow you're
Always going off
It doesn't matter what I've done
Or if I even crossed
The line
You start to holler
Going for blood
Girl it doesn't
Have to be a fight

Throwing out the blame
When you know
It ain’t my fault
Messing with my brain
When you wanna
See me fall
There may come a time
When I don't
Bother you at all
It isn't my call
It isn't my call

Chris Cornell - Scream

Hey, why you keep
Screaming at the top
Of your head?
I said hey
Why you keep screaming
At the top of your head?
I hear ya, I hear ya

I'll take a minute
To tell you now
And I don't have
To raise my tone
Take the level
And bring it down
I just want you to know
I got no trouble
With what you said
I don't even think
You're wrong
It’s how you say it
You lose your head
Girl I'm standing
Right in front of you

Silence is golden
I used to think
That silence was golden

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